Book List - Comedy

  Title Author Description Genre Date Published Publisher Price
Clueless Penny Smalls Real humour, as usual, can be found in abundance. A riot of colour and absurdity Comedy 06/10/03 Harpercollins £18.80
Cribbs Lenny Kan fascinating... lays bare the truth behind the myths Comedy 06/09/07 Walker Books £65.80
Freddy Went Mad Yasmin Malice Lost in Seattle with an amazing dream to become the greatest inventor of all time Comedy 10/10/06 Michael O'Mara Books £4.70
Golf War Gilbert Mern The story mainly follows lead character David is overtaken by a serious fog Comedy 03/10/05 Mantra £2.35
Kings Of Comedy Alicia Smith Comedy at it's finest meet the kings in their expertise Comedy 13/07/05 Barn Owl Books £2.35
Maxmius Entertainment Jay Korr Humerous entertainment guide for everyone who loves to have a good time Comedy 02/09/06 Meadowside Childrens Books £16.45
Menace To Society Jacob Masser A fun and useful mix of mnemonics, rhymes and acronyms Comedy 11/09/07 Collins Educational £3.53
My Wife And Kids Harvey Bee The humerous book based on the television sitcom on Trouble Tv Comedy 01/10/98 WF Graham £1.18
Pimp My Book Paulie Brennon A dazzling hero of political incorrectness.' Comedy 16/10/06 Boxer Books £39.95
Zealous Zeyana Robinson Campaigning to the top helps when you have assets Comedy 05/12/02 Wayland Books £39.95

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