Title Author Description Genre Date Published Publisher Price
Cook For Special Occasions David Hargrove Want to cook for a special occasion? This book will have you well equipped Cookery 07/08/06 WF Graham £14.10
Cook Frenzy Steven Masser Get into a mad frenzy in the kitchen with the great instructions by Steven Cookery 07/11/02 Schofield & Sims £16.45
Cooking Delight Deon Carvo Enjoy cooking with the specialist desert book Cookery 21/03/05 Oxford University Press £9.40
Cooking For Dummies Salina Mass This book will enable even the clueless to cook a wonderful meal Cookery 20/08/07 Salariya Book Company £5.88
Cooking Tips Mohammed Shar Tips on how to cook from the well renouned chef Mohammed Shar Cookery 07/09/03 Scholastic £4.70
Delicious Sherrie Kenner The cookery book that will make your food outstandingly delicious Cookery 05/01/07 Hodder £7.05
Design Your Meal Leon Daily Be creative in the kitchen and discover your niche dishes Cookery 24/08/06 Kingfisher £8.22
Elegant Dishes Kate Price Fantastically written book showing the greatest of fine meals Cookery 13/04/99 Kingscourt £3.53
Fine Art To Cooking Dan Dixon Cooking made elegant by David Hargrove Cookery 07/02/08 Harpercollins £52.88
Kinders Cook Book Henry Smith Cooking will never be the same, have fun with the unique receipes provided Cookery 03/11/05 Barn Owl Books £24.68

This is a project from my time studying at the University of the West of England between 2007 - 2011.

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