Book List - Fantasy

  Title Author Description Genre Date Published Publisher Price
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire Jay-Alex Ford Harry Potter and another adventure at Hoggwarts Fantasy 05/01/07 Playne Books £39.95
Have You Ever Korey Dee The compelling story about a girl who belives in magical incidents Fantasy 06/10/03 Horwitz Gardner £5.88
Lord Of The Rings Jenna Lopez The tremendous book about a quest of one brave man to conceal a sacred possession Fantasy 02/09/05 Dorling Kindersley £3.53
Robber Of The Hood Lewie Matthews Based on the story of robin hood an contemporary remake. Fantasy 04/10/07 The Children's Project £17.62

This is a project from my time studying at the University of the West of England between 2007 - 2011.

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