Book List - Horror

  Title Author Description Genre Date Published Publisher Price
Cage Paker tee stuck without help, stuck without communication, what will happen? Horror 01/06/94 Ginn £9.40
Cannonball Tupac Shakir The enemy wont always be taken down so easy Horror 13/12/07 Ticktock Publishing £63.45
Enter The Wood Allen Cave Twists in Enter The Wood will leave you hanging off your chair Horror 20/09/07 Heinemann Educational £4.70
Genocide Oliver Close Horror at its peak the spine chilling thriller will leave you scared Horror 04/09/03 Random House £7.05
Ninteen 84 Xavier Smith The master of horror returns with a new spine-tingling adventure in the fifth title of the 1984. Horror 20/08/07 Childs Play; £405.38
Save It Keisha Small The hardest thing to do in this book is to save your friends from fatal deaths. Horror 05/08/07 Franklin Watts £62.28
The Quest To Uncapture Kinder Craig Petey Murder crime scene...but is he really dead, uncover the secret in this book Horror 15/09/06 Ladybird £8.22

This is a project from my time studying at the University of the West of England between 2007 - 2011.

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