Book List - Mystery

  Title Author Description Genre Date Published Publisher Price
North Vs South Hallie Corr The courage of one young man turns into the disapearence of the same man Mystery 01/09/03 Faberand Faber £10.58
Stanford Charlie Klose The missing link to an investigation lies in the hands of a 6yr old boy Mystery 19/04/05 Kingscourt £7.05
Steon Carlos Mccole Code names and hidden messages doesn't make it any easier for the kid investigators embarking on their biggest challenge Mystery 06/10/05 Kingfisher £7.05
Toaster Developement Malvin Nixon The mystery toaster was invented but by whom? Mystery 07/07/02 Neate Publishing £62.28

This is a project from my time studying at the University of the West of England between 2007 - 2011.

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