Book List - Romance

  Title Author Description Genre Date Published Publisher Price
Beach Max Time Love has no boundries when the dareful couple meet there Romance 27/05/04 Andersen Press £5.88
Ben Stall Lucy Mims Got the hots for a passionate Aries? Dying to dump a Scorpio? This is the book for you Romance 26/02/07 Crowswingbooks £39.95
Clown Date Cayon Smith Clowns? Dating? The humerous book about two people and their quest to find love Romance 05/02/04 Floris Books £3.53
Dragqueen Express Hannah Kell The love from an unexpected source Romance 26/07/07 Little Tiger Press £52.88
Homosexual Fantasies Max Hobbs Homosexual tips from guru Max Steven Hobbs Romance 14/12/07 Hobbs Publishing £5.88
Hotel 45 Norton Febb The God who saves is also a God who woos His own to a relationship primarily of the heart Romance 18/07/07 Templar Publishing £8.22
Hott To Death Tupac Shakir The meaning of being clued up has never been comprimised before until this book Romance 05/10/06 WF Graham £5.88
Misleading Chaos Salina Mass This is a foundational text in understanding the French Arthurian tradition. Romance 02/11/06 Little Tiger Press £5.88
Pretty Woman Kevin Brethen Never underestimate the power of a woman who knows what she wants Romance 15/11/06 Autumn Publishing £2.35
Pride And Predjudice Andrea Gibson Romance that was not to be from the start Romance 05/02/04 Barefoot Books £62.28
Queen Of Hearts Drew Barrymore Queen of Love never thought she could be swept off her feet until.. Romance 04/03/06 Rigby £8.22
Space Crusade Jeven Stlo The story of highway Romance at it's finest. Romance 02/04/02 Piccadilly Press £79.90

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